Bacteria, when left to colonise a surface, form what is known as a biofilm. This is made up of the millions of bacteria within the colony plus their secretions. Supernova coats this biofilm and stops reproduction in the colony. As the colony becomes older it becomes more susceptible to the biocidal technology within Supernova which ultimately enters the cell and destroys it.

    This mode of action means that Supernova is also effective against spores. By coating the bacteria in its spore state it stops the spore from germinating and changing from a dormant endospore to an active vegetative cell.

    Supernova has a cumulative and residual effect, as it leaves a monomolecular layer that will work for a time after the initial application to combat the reformation of biofilms. This means that over time the incidences of re-infection will reduce and surfaces will become biologically cleaner for longer.

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